Monday, November 5, 2012

@Mumbai - May 2012

Not being Posting For Long Time

OMG!!!.... is been a long time before I post something on my own blog, is almost one article per year unbelievable!!! I have to work harder and write more.

I'm not going to start mentioning why I didn't post...just forget about it, lets focus on future.

Recently picking photography hobby, I never see my self into photography except underwater. As old people always said never said never !!! Well it all start when I bringing my sister to buy a DSLR a nikon d90.... after that day I'm in, I'm hock.

The New Hobby

It took me a long time on choosing a camera, many voices, many review read, ton of advice and etc. What important is to choose something you like, comfortable and good support from the manufacturer and also the range of lens available and etc.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-G3

Finally I'm not going to bulky DSLR like nikon D90, Canon 60D (within my budget). Instead I choose something few of my friend said is a big MISTAKE .... A Lumix DMC-G3, well is a small, light micro 43 system camera with interchangeable lens some people call DSLM which stand for Digital single lens Mirrorless. 

I believe photography is not all about camera, I saw people using full frame DSLR which take a sharp but bad photo and I have seen nice photo taking from Canon G9. Defiantly you need a really good camera when your skill growth or you want to go to professional level. For me now... is about fun, portability and more fun 

Some detail about G3 (G3 Review), Why G3.... simple, I like something small, light with but big on photo quality and lenses, good support from the company. Panasonic Malaysia have doing really good job to keep the community going and very complete set of lenses from super wide, wide till telephoto.

Here is some photo I took on my first few test shot with 14-42mm (f3.5-f5.6) kit lenses.

Mumbai Business Trip (Incredible India)

How? not bad? I brought the camera right before the trip. Better picture will come on next post. 

After the trip I have brought a Lumix G 20mm f1.7 lenses before Singapore trip and also a day trip to  Malaysia Historical Town Melaka then a 14-140mm f4-f5.8 lens before I going to Hanoi.

More to come

Stay tune next post, next week and future post, Singapore, Melaka, Lumix photography work shop, Hanoi and many more.....

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