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Writing this artical from "Sunrise" house in Awanmulan facing tropical jungle with only cover by house roof top and my front view is totally exposure to the nature. Sound of cricket, frog and lots of different jungle tone can be heard all night long, some flying insect and mosquito are my witnesses when I'm writing. In one corner is my wife and my son another is my maid who come along with us this trip.

What is this Awanmulan? Where is this place? 

If you search in google you should able to get to their website easily and many blogger have blog about this place and how nice it was. 
I have been diving for the pass 5years and recently not diving a lot due to family commitment and etc. I'm not a mountain and jungle person I do not like to go against gravity, however Awanmulan is different, I like it when I first step into it.

Located in the state of Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia, around 90km from Kuala Lumpur (capital of Malaysia) around 1.5 hours drive by car. They is no public transport able to reach here private car or motorcycle is your only choices, this is the nearest paradise getaway from busy city life. To me is not very costly, however it depend on individual......

The Sunrise House

I took the decision to get the sunrise house as it can fit 4 person and it only cost me RM400/night, the facilities, the house, the environment is way better then any 5 star hotel in city infact is breath taking.
Various type of room offer from total privacy of 2 person room such as sasterawan and evensong to house that can accommodate 8 person such as Terata Bondo and Kesindang and mid size house such as Sunrise, all come with basic cooking facilities such as microwave, induction cooker, hot pot and etc.


So what can you do here? Nothing!!! Yes absolutely nothing!!! Just sit and relax,don't you agree that is wonderful? Well you can read, sleep, write and swim there is 2 swimming pool one for sun rise and one for sunset. If you wish to do some jungle tracking to near by water fall it can be arrange.

All in all a wonderful journey, with the most important people in my life, to a wonderful place! What a wonder full life.
100% will come here again, highly recommended 5 star rating, if to used a single line to describe this place I would said is simple, comfortable and peaceful.
Some picture to share........


All pack and ready to go

Map and instruction from owner
Sunrise House

Stair to Sunrise
BBQ Shed

Sunrise Entrance

Bed 2


Bed 1


View From Sunrise to others house

View From Sunrise

East pool can see sunrise

West pool for sunset

From Far is Sunrise then Terata

Preparing Fire

BBQ Time

Pork chop, Chicken wing and sausage 

Me and My Son

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