Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Krabi - Thailand

8th February 2008 - Fly from Malaysia to Krabi Thailand, my annual honeymoon + dive trip. This is the first time I'm travelling to Krabi, In Malaysia Krabi is not as famous as Phuket although they are only 1 hours away from each other.

Krabi ( located on Southern of Thailand at the shore of Andaman Sea, the most notable are the solitary limestone hills both on the land and on the sea as island it attract thousands of rock climber from all over the world for rock climbing activities. However rock climbing is never my type of activities maybe is against gravity, my main agenda of this trip is an annual honeymoon and 2 dive in 2 world famous dive side Hin Daeng and Hin Muang. Things  to see....... The mighty Manta Ray and Whale Shark.

9th February 2008 - We gather in hotel lobby waiting for dive center staff to pick us up to their boat the weather is nice but the water is a bit choppy, to reach the 2 dive side we need to travel from Krabi with speed boat for 2 hours and 30min again..... is a very difficult journey due to the water condition.

Once we reach the first dive site Hin Daeng, we gear up and jump in the water and start our first dive to look for Manta ray...... according to dive master we should able to spot the Manta as the ratio of seeing one is 7 out of 12 dive. There is nothing much special under the water because everyone only focus on one thing the MANTA......

After almost 40minute we didn't even see the shadow of manta and is very disappointed and we decide to end the dive since nothing much to see. The dive master signal for our routine 3min safety stop with 80bar of air in my tank, suddenly I heard the dive master banging his tank repeatedly and pointed to the reef.......... There she came....The MANTA RAY !!! My wife start taking video and we decent to 10 meter with no time. It was huge and a beauty....Is beyond our speech and is an AWESOME experience and unbelievable how magnificent is this creatures.

First dive ended with lots of happiness and our hope is high for the whale shark..... However 2nd dive end with nothing..... no whale shark and no manta ray as well.... anyway is a very good experience and an unforgettable one. The balance few days in Krabi we didn't dive anymore, we decide to enjoy in the hotel, visit some local market and enjoy the food.

Check out the video and photo of this trip below.

Krabi Sunset


Dive Shop Ower, Dive Master and Friend from Singapore we meet during the trip

Me and My Wife

Hotel We Stay
More Post to Come......................


Surin Beach Phuket said...

Now I'm looking at planning trip to Thailand(Krabi area). Any help and ideas welcome.

Phuket Villa Rental said...

Krabi has so many fantastic beaches which will make a lot of attention from the tourists who visit the island.

Patong Guesthouse said...

Thank you for posting.
I've been looking at some of the posts on this website to get an idea about travel in Krabi for my next vacation.

Kilikulu said...

Many people went krabi because of the beach and also rock climbing. Personally I haven't try that (not doing anything against gravity haahha....)
Krabi is generally safe to travel and not as commercial as Phuket.

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